The Business Traveler And Back Pain

Traveling for your job can put you in many situations that irritate your back. Long airplane rides. Pulling large bags and demo cases off of the luggage carousel. Carrying heavy laptops and backpacks on your shoulders. These can all strain the muscles in your back and shoulders. If you are starting to have back pain from your work travels, it's time to see a chiropractic clinic and learn how to prevent serious damage to your neck and back. Read More 

3 Unexpected Ways To Bolster Your Immune System

Ask most people how to go about boosting their immune system, and you'll likely get responses such as "take a multivitamin" and "eat more fruits and vegetables." While the vitamins and minerals found in supplements and plant food are certainly good for your immune system, eating more of these things is not the only way to give your immunity a boost. If you're aiming to reduce your overall risk of illness, try these three lesser-known immune-boosting activities. Read More 

Chiropractic Care For Osteoporosis, Arthritis, And Conditions Affecting The Elderly

If you have a medical condition involving your nerves, muscles, and/or bones, and you are up in years, you may wonder if it chiropractic treatment is safe for you. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out it is safe and can be very beneficial for you. Benefits Many seniors find that chiropractic treatment can: Increase your balance and flexibility, Halt or prevent degeneration of your joints, Give you a better range of motion, and/or Reduce the chance of fractures from falling. Read More 

Why Chiropractic Care May Help Relieve Your Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

Restless leg syndrome disrupts sleep and can make a person miserable. Unfortunately, the condition is still not well understood and has proved difficult to treat effectively with conventional medical care. Research is lacking on chiropractic care for restless leg syndrome, but there are sound reasons why chiropractic therapy may help. About Restless Leg Syndrome This condition is neurological, involving a problem with the nervous system -- particularly in the nerves running from the lower back into the legs. Read More 

Four Benefits A Chiropractor Can Bring To Fibromyalgia Patients

Fibromyalgia patients suffer from chronic pain throughout the body. There are medications and treatments that a patient with this chronic illness can receive, but there may be side effects the patient doesn't want. If you are suffering from this illness, and you want to avoid prescription drugs and medications, you may be interested in chiropractic care (such as is offered by Kentucky Chiropractic). Here are four benefits you should consider about this type of care for fibromyalgia pain. Read More