Chiropractic Services For Back Pain

An aching back can make accomplishing the most simple of tasks difficult, such as tying a shoestring or putting on socks. Although it is possible for back pain to stem from an injury that requires undergoing surgery, it is often just the result of the types of tasks that are performed on a daily basis. For instance, a daily task as simple as sitting at a desk and working on a computer can take a toll on your back if your posture isn't proper. If your back is in constant pain and you are tired of taking over-the-counter medication on a regular basis just for short-term relief, visiting a chiropractic clinic is something to think about. Browsing through the information below will give you a general idea of a few of the services that you can receive at a chiropractic clinic to assist with back pain relief.

An Examination That Includes an X-Ray

Upon visiting a chiropractic clinic and deciding to undergo treatment, your first step will be to get examined to find out what might be wrong with your back. The chiropractor will not want to do anything that can possibly make the problem worse, such as by moving spinal joints in a way that causes them to break. He or she will give you an x-ray to ensure that none of the joints are broken or severely damaged to the point of you needing to seek medical assistance from a physician. You might also be asked to bend your back in various directions so the chiropractor can look for any abnormalities. A discussion about your medical history and any surgeries that you have undergone will take place as well.

Manipulation of the Spine to Adjust It

If no broken spinal joints are found during your examination, a chiropractor might recommend that a spinal manipulation technique is performed. Manipulating your spine can pop misplaced joints back into place, which can give you immediate pain relief. The technique is also great for removing air that creates pressure between the spinal joints. As the air is released, it can make loud popping sounds, but they are nothing to be fearful about and are completely harmless.

Lifestyle Changes to Decrease Back Pain

A chiropractor can give you tips on making lifestyle changes that can possibly give you long-term relief from back pain. For instance, you might be told to avoid performing certain activities that can cause your back to become inflamed. If some of the activities are necessary due to the type of job that you have, you might be shown how to do them in a safer manner.

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