4 Consequences Of Ignoring Lower Back Pain

You can suffer from back pain, especially when performing routine chores or after taking part in extreme sports. Research shows that lower back pain is a leading cause of disability across the globe. Despite these shocking findings, most people continue to ignore their lower back pain. Here are four consequences that come with ignoring your lower back pain.

Experiencing Intense Pain and Damaged Nerves

When you fail to seek treatment for your lower back pain, you aren't addressing the problem. Therefore, the pain could get worse over time. Even if you have previously ignored the pain and it went away, the pain is likely to return after days, weeks, or months.

Additionally, by ignoring treatment, your back pain could cause damaged nerves. The spine protects the nervous system. When experiencing pressure on your lower back, the nerves are compressed, and if not corrected in time, the pressure could cause permanent nerve damage.

Reduced Quality of Life

Chronic lower back pain could decrease your quality of life as dealing with pain every day could result in depression. Statistics show that people with chronic back pain are four times likely to suffer depression compared to the general population.

When dealing with continuous back pain, you are likely to lose sleep or sleep less than your body needs. It also causes strain when performing tasks during your everyday activities and the inability to work; thus, reducing your quality of life.

Suffer a Serious Disease and Organ Damage

You could be suffering from lower back pain due to injury or as a symptom of another disease, especially one relating to internal organs. Failing to seek timely treatment for your back pain will cause the infection to advance and become more disastrous. 

If your lower back pain is due to a problem with your organs, like a kidney infection, ignoring the pain means further damage to the kidney. It could lead to damaged kidneys or a complete kidney shutdown.

Attract More Expensive Treatment Costs

It is recommended to seek treatment for your lower back pain as soon as it crops up. Failing to seek medical treatment could aggravate the condition, creating a worse emergency problem.

While back pain can be treated through basic chiropractic care, the cause of the pain could spread to the spine when the problem remains untreated. An untreated spinal problem will attract high medical expenses due to imaging or surgery costs. 

You don't need to wait until your back pain becomes an emergency. It is prudent to seek care before the infection spreads, or pain worsens. 

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