Some Treatments That Might Be Offered When You Have A Spinal Injury

Spinal injuries manifest in different ways. An injury may be immediately diagnosed if you have trouble with movement or bodily functions right after an accident. Other times, a spinal injury might not be diagnosed right away, especially if you're unconscious. However, early and proper treatment is important for spinal injuries. Treatments vary according to the severity of the injury, and you could need intensive care treatment or ongoing rehabilitation after you're released from the hospital. Here are some spinal treatment options available.

Learning To Use Mobility Aids

When you have a spinal injury, you may need to rely on a number of machines and various equipment to sustain your life and help you function. You might need a ventilator to help you breathe and a computerized wheelchair to be mobile. If you still have use of your extremities, you may need to go through rehab to learn how to walk with a walker or use a wheelchair so you won't be housebound when you're released from the hospital. In addition, you may need to use immobilization aids like a neck collar or back brace, especially in the first stages of your recovery so your spine is supported and protected while it heals and you begin rehabilitation.

Strengthening Your Muscles

If your injury caused you to be hospitalized for an extended time, the muscles in your back, legs, and abdomen could be weak. This puts you at risk of further back injury once you resume your normal lifestyle. A chiropractor or physical therapist may assess your situation and teach you exercises that strengthen the muscles that support your spine and body. With stronger muscles, you become better at walking, standing, and sitting so you can work and engage in leisure activities without straining your back.

Undergoing Medical Treatments

Spinal injury treatment centers have several treatment options that might help your condition. Every option isn't suitable, so your doctor will find the right way to help you. This might include having surgery, using electrical stimulation, or having chiropractic adjustments. Some spinal treatment centers offer outpatient treatments, and others also have inpatient treatment and rehabilitation programs, so you can find the best help for your recovery and management of your injury.

Some spinal cord injuries are permanent, but that doesn't mean the right care won't help you. A treatment center can help you manage your condition by introducing you to adaptive equipment that helps you be independent, functional, and mobile and by strengthening your body when possible to compensate for your limitations. Spinal treatments can also help you control back pain and heal to the greatest extent possible.