Looking For More Than Chiropractic Adjustments? How New Ultrasound Therapies Are Improving Chiropractic Care

After a severe accident, everything hurts far too much for anyone to touch you, let alone for a chiropractor to make adjustments. Yet, you already know that good chiropractic care can help alleviate some of that pain, if only the chiropractor could make the adjustments. What more can you ask for in terms of chiropractic care so that your pain will lessen, and the chiropractor can make adjustments that will help you heal faster? Ask for ultrasound therapy. Here is how this kind of therapy is helping many people in similar instances find enough relief from pain to be able to get chiropractic adjustments and feel better.

​The Ultrasound Waves Help Tight, Injured Muscles Relax

The cool gel applied to the areas where the ultrasound wand is to be applied feels really good on inflamed tissues. Follow that with very gentle ultrasound waves that help the muscles relax and become unbunched, and you will already feel quite a bit better. It is like getting a deep tissue massage, but without the pressure, and getting the massage from within under the skin rather than over the top of your skin. As the waves help the muscles relax, pain from tightness and stiffness diminishes.

The First Treatments Are Ultrasound Only

While you are still healing from the accident, your chiropractor will only use ultrasound therapy. Gradually, there will be a transition period where the chiropractor will shift from just ultrasound therapy to hands-on adjustments after ultrasound therapy. These hands-on adjustments follow the ultrasound sessions, and are very gentle to start. As you heal more and more, less of the ultrasound therapy is used, and more hands-on adjustments are incorporated.

​You Can Start Chiropractic Care with Just Ultrasound Almost Immediately after Your Accident

​It used to be that you could not start chiropractic care until swelling and inflammation of soft tissues decreased and/or your pain was tolerable enough to manage the adjustments. When ultrasound therapy was incorporated into chiropractic care, it became easier to treat patients in pain and treat patients immediately after accidents, because the pain and swelling were managed by ultrasound waves. Now you can go to a chiropractor right away and begin treatment a lot sooner than ever before.

Post-Ultrasound Treatment

When you have next to no pain, inflammation, and swelling, your chiropractor will suggest that you make the full transition over to traditional chiropractic care. At this point, you may only need a few more treatments, or you may only need "maintenance" adjustments. You and your chiropractor can decide what is best at this point.