Beating Sciatic Nerve Pain Without Upping Your Pain Medication Dosage

Do you suffer from sciatic nerve pain? If so, you may have tried several things to overcome this type of pain. Perhaps some things like pain medication work for a short time, but they may also come with negative side effects that make you uncomfortable, such as drowsiness. You may even be concerned about a dosage increase and potential pain pill addiction. There are some things you may have never tried that do not have to involve the use of pain medications, and they can be effective for sciatica pain relief. 

Implement techniques that require you to focus on things other than your pain.

Meditation and controlled breathing are good techniques to learn. Even if you only have a few minutes due to a hectic schedule, taking the time to distract your mind for a short time could make your pain more tolerable. These few minutes can help in a situation where lying down or taking strong pain medications is not possible. For example, if you are at work, it would likely be better to explain your pain issues to your boss, and take a few minutes to meditate rather than asking for the rest of the day off. 

Use heat and cold appropriately.

You may have tried heat and cold packs. Perhaps they did not work well, or maybe you felt like sometimes they helped. Some people use these techniques incorrectly, and you may have too. Use heat prior to engaging in an activity that could cause sciatic nerve pain. Heat is also appropriate to use when you have been in a sedentary position such as lying in bed for an extended amount of time. After strenuous or intense activities, you can use cold packs which will aid in helping with inflammation. Some people have pain as a result of inflammation, which is why they experience these episodes after certain activities. 

Improve your posture. 

You may have a job or lifestyle that involves you sitting down for most of the day. Aim to get short walks in throughout the day and use correct posture. Sitting may put stress on the lower back in the sciatic nerve region. Practice sitting in a manner that places less strain and compression on your spine, and stand up from time to time if permitted.  

You might benefit from using a chiropractor as a resource for your sciatica pain management. They may be able to use chiropractic adjustments to reduce the intensity or eliminate your pain episodes. If you have tried chiropractor services for sciatica pain in the past, it is possible that you stopped your treatment prematurely. This time, aim to complete the sessions recommended even if you start to feel better.