3 Unexpected Ways To Bolster Your Immune System

Ask most people how to go about boosting their immune system, and you'll likely get responses such as "take a multivitamin" and "eat more fruits and vegetables." While the vitamins and minerals found in supplements and plant food are certainly good for your immune system, eating more of these things is not the only way to give your immunity a boost. If you're aiming to reduce your overall risk of illness, try these three lesser-known immune-boosting activities.

Visiting the chiropractor.

When your chiropractor adjusts your spine, he or she does more than just prevent back pain. Spinal adjustments also alleviate pressure on the spinal nerves. Since the immune system is closely linked to several of these nerves, alleviating this pressure allows the immune system to function more effectively.

Studies have shown that when patients have their spines adjusted by chiropractors, their white blood cell counts rise. This is a sign of improved immunity. In one study, patients who regularly sought chiropractic care were found to have 200% more immune competence than those who did not seek chiropractic care. Gillette Chiropractic Center is a local chiropractor you can contact for an appointment.

Taking probiotic supplements or eating more yogurt.

In your intestines, there are millions of beneficial bacteria which function to fight off disease-causing bacteria before they have the chance to cause infection. Frequent antibiotic use and the standard American diet have caused many people's guts to become deficient in these helpful bacteria, leading to compromised immunity. Probiotic supplements are composed of these beneficial bacteria. Plain yogurt also contains probiotic bacteria, such as acidophilus, that can help rebuild intestinal bacteria and for enhanced immunity.

According to experts, it takes about 2 weeks for regular probiotic supplements to take effect. You should aim for a daily dose of about 2 billion CFU for best results.

Spending time in the sun.

You've probably already noticed that spending more time outside is good for your mood, but did you realize that it's good for your immune system, too? When you spend more time in the sun, your body makes more vitamin D, which helps build your immune system. The decreased stress levels you experience after spending more time outside also help improve your immunity.

Experts recommend getting about 20 – 30 minutes of sun exposure each day in order to enjoy the effects of vitamin D production without leaving yourself prone to skin cancer. If you'll be out in the sun for longer than this, it's wise to wear sunscreen.

Nobody likes being sick. If you want to avoid illness in the coming months, head to the chiropractor, start taking probiotic supplements, and spend some time outside. Your body will thank you.