5 Pain Relief Chiropractic Treatments Your Chiropractor Might Suggest For Back Pain

If you have back pain, you should think about having chiropractic treatments. Spinal adjustments can sometimes provide immediate relief from pain, but it's also common to need several treatments for lasting pain relief. Here's a look at some options in pain relief chiropractic treatments.

1. Spinal Adjustments That Help With Spine Alignment

Chiropractors are known for doing spinal adjustments and spinal manipulation. The doctor might move your spine into different positions, position your arms a certain way, push or pull on your body, or give quick thrusts to your back. The purpose is to help your spine move back into proper alignment and relieve pressure that causes back pain.

2. Positioning That Opens Your Spine

Your chiropractor might also position your body in a specific way on the treatment table so your spine opens up to relieve pressure on a disc or nerve. This is called decompression therapy, and it may be done on a computerized table so specific areas of your spine can be targeted and positioned properly.

When compression is relieved, blood flow improves so your back gets the nourishment it needs to heal from an injury. Plus, relieving pressure on a nerve can reduce pain in your back.

3. Treatments That Provide Healing Heat

Your chiropractor may determine that heat is needed to help you heal through increased circulation. Heat can sometimes relieve pain too. The chiropractor might use ultrasound treatment to heat up the deep layers of tissue in your back to help with healing. They might also advise you to soak in a hot tub of water a couple of times a day to heat up your back.

4. Exercises That Strengthen Your Back

If you've had back pain for a long time, your muscles might be out of balance. You may strain some muscles that are overworked due to holding your body in a way that compensates for your back pain. Other muscles might get weak due to being underused. A chiropractor might teach you exercises to do at home to strengthen muscles that need it so your core gets stronger and is able to support your back without strain.

5. Massage Therapy That Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Your chiropractor might do deep tissue massage on your back if you have trigger points that cause pain. Pressing on painful areas helps break up scar tissue and improves circulation and healing. Even gentle massages can improve circulation and boost your mood, and that in turn could help decrease your pain.

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