3 Medicine-Free Tips For Battling Headaches During Pregnancy

If you're pregnant and find yourself dealing with headaches, you could be looking for a source of relief. Even though doctors generally say that it's okay to take acetaminophen while you're pregnant, you may be trying to limit the amount of medication that you take to keep your baby as safe and healthy as possible. Luckily, there are a few medicine-free ways that you can battle pregnancy-related headaches.

1. Drink Water

Did you know that many headaches are caused by dehydration? This means that you might be getting headaches due to not drinking enough water, especially since you are pregnant and are probably finding yourself urinating more frequently than usual. Make a habit to drink more water throughout the day, and drink a cool -- not overly cold -- glass of water at the onset of a headache. You might find that it's all that you need to get some relief.

2. Schedule a Massage

If you have been having frequent headaches lately, it could be related to high stress levels. It's not uncommon to feel stressed out when you are pregnant, but unfortunately, this stress can both cause headaches and be bad for your baby. One great option to relieve stress and potentially get rid of your headaches is to schedule a massage. A good massage can help increase the amount of oxygen and blood that make it through your bloodstream and to your head, neck and shoulders. Plus, you'll probably find that a massage can help with pregnancy back pain and other types of discomfort. Just make sure that you tell your massage therapist that you are pregnant to help ensure that your massage is done safely. Contact a company like Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic for more information.

3. Use Lavender

Many people believe that lavender oil helps with headaches because it helps dilate your blood vessels, which can make it easier for the blood to flow to your head. There are a few ways that you can use lavender essential oil, such as by adding a few drops to some cool water, dipping a washcloth in it, then wringing out the washcloth and draping it over your forehead while you rest. Lavender can also help you relax and rest, which can help if you've been having trouble resting and sleeping since you have been pregnant.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to battle your pregnancy headaches without reaching for over-the-counter pain relievers. Try these steps to help feel some relief without worrying about harming your baby.